Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Joy of Giving

The title may sound like a Christmas theme, and though it looked like Christmas in Casper just a few days ago, The Joy of Giving happens anytime, anywhere.

For me, it was today. I transported a dog from rescue toward her new home. She is going to a new family in Canada, and I got to be part of the process! This is not my first transport, and it certainly won't be my last, but it has special meaning for me because this dog has a special story.

I'll call her Jazz for now, Gentle Jazz. Although a large dog, part Great Pyrenees, she has a gentle, kind spirit. But, she had a tough life: abandoned and pregnant; she gave birth to a very large litter of pups, and was found under an overpass in very bad weather and in very bad shape. All the pups lived, but Jazz was depleted from the experience of feeding and protecting herself and her little ones. Yet, at one time, this loving dog was someone's loving, intelligent companion. She knows several commands and is quite docile, even around children. Her heritage of gentle protector is evident is quiet, yet vigilent dog.

Jazz is going on a long journey, from rescue in America to new human companions in Canada. I am grateful to have helped her get her to her destination, and I pray she and her new family will enjoy an enduring, abiding bond. An amazing dog with an incredible story, and many caring people to help her along the way. I believe there is a story to share in Jazz's journey! And in this story is a great lesson - joy of giving: sharing your life, giving of yourself, even just a few priceless, precious moments, to help another. I am thankful to be even just a small part of her special story!


Al said...

That's a really wonderful thing you do. When Hobbes came into my home a week ago, I felt the same joy. It's amazing to me how clearly our fur-pals can communicate their thanks. A simple head-butt can really warm the heart.

Lesley Collins said...

Has she made it there yet? Maybe they will give you updates.