Sunday, October 11, 2009

Snow's Come Too Soon!

Although it's officially autumn, Casper (and much of the Rocky Mountain West) looks like Christmas and feels like January! Protect your pets during cold snaps by making sure short-haired dogs have sweaters on when they go outside and by cleaning your dog's feet after they've been outside - ice and snow can build up on the pads and between the toes, causing great pain and discomfort. Watch your pet while it's outside doing its business and don't keep your dog for long periods of time (unless it loves the snow and has lots of fur to keep it warm!)
Make sure your pets stay warm and snug (just as we humans like to be!), and ensure their food and water dishes are full.
And, if your pet is like my Murphy cat, have a blanket nearby that your pet can snuggle against and maybe into! Just make sure they don't dig so far down into the blankets that they overheat!!Keep yourself and your pets warm and safe during this crazy winter-like weather and the actual winter yet to come!

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