Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Give of yourself to help animals!

Recently I transported two female Springer Spaniels to their adoptive parents, a couple who wanted to give them a permanent, forever home. As part of a breed-rescue organization, I have transported dogs to their new homes and have given of my time in other ways as a volunteer.

I don’t have lots of time to volunteer, but I have found a few ways in which I can serve to help animals in need. Volunteers are vital to rescue and other animal welfare organizations, and there are many ways a person can volunteer. Some of these endeavors take lots of time, others take only a few hours a week. If you enjoy animals, here are some ways in which you can help your local animal shelter, Humane Society, or animal rescue organization:
  • Donate time to walk and play with dogs.

  • Donate time to brush and play with cats.

  • Serve as a foster parent, providing a temporary home to injured or orphaned animals, those awaiting a new home, or mothers with very young kittens or puppies.

  • Transport pets going into new homes.

  • Assist with fundraising and other special events.

  • Help landscape and clean an existing facility.

  • Donate products, such as pet food, toys, treats, even laundry soap and cat litter.

  • Donate money.

Visit with a representative from your local animal shelter or rescue group and see what their needs are that you as a volunteer can provide. You will be amazed at the difference you can make in the lives of homeless pets in just a few hours a week or even a few hours each month as these animals await their loving, forever home! Be part of the positive solution by giving of yourself in some small way.