Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Pets, My Instructors

Summer seems to be here. Somehow, the region where I lived by-passed spring. The apple tree is in full bloom (took less than a week!) and the temperature surpassed 85 degrees the past few days. We blinked and spring has gone -- wow, time does fly!

With the onslaught of warm weather and early sunrises, my cats have come out of hibernation. Bailey, the independent and aloof one, now wants to explore the backyard before 6 a.m., something her sister likes to do no matter the season or air temperature! The two spend hours in the backyard, watching (and trying to catch!) the birds; stalking mice; and laying on the patio in the warm sunshine. And when not outside, they observe their outdoor domain from windows, cat trees, or any other place they can find to look out. My cats simply ENJOY -- and I enjoy watching them.

Ever notice how our pets just take things in stride -- weather, lack of success in mouse-stalking, physical limitations? They don't sweat it, as the old saying goes. They simply appreciate what they have and patiently wait for what they don't (a bird, in the example of my cats). We can learn a lot from our pets: loyalty, patience, simplicity, courage, perseverance, friendship, appreciation.

Some people call them "dumb animals" -- I observe them and see "teacher".