Monday, October 19, 2009

Make Me Smile!

Ever notice how pets bring a smile to our face? Whether it's in the antics they do or the joy and comfort they bring, "pet therapy" is no joke; pets bring smiles and joy to our faces and our hearts.

My dogs are great examples. Recently, Sage sat with me in the recliner (yes, we can both fit, it's an oversized recliner!). She had been laying with her head near my feet, then suddenly, turned and laid her head on my shoulder, her cheek next to mine. This sightless dog gazed at me with such love and devotion, my heart melted and my smile widened. I stroked her chin and face gently, and said over and over "Such a good dog, Sage. You're so brave and so sweet. What a good dog you are, Sage." I think she understood!

Cody, our cocker spaniel, brings a smile when he holds his green rubber ball in his small mouth. that ball widens his mouth like the Joker's grin in Batman! Cody LOVES that rubber ball like Linus in Peanuts loves his blanket; he can't leave home without it! Cody's antics with his ball or with his little legs trotting down the sidewalk during our morning walks make me smile and laugh.

Even Murphy the cat brings a grin to my face and delight to my heart. She "talks" each morning, possibly telling me about her dreams the night before. Her squeeky voice has given her the nickname in our household "Little Miss Squeek", and she tries very hard to get a conversation started. Needless to say, Greg and I can't ignore her, and we talk back to her. I think she likes that, as she purrs and purrs, and rubs her head into our hand. When she lays on my lap during the evenings we watch TV, she stretches into the afgan in my lap and turns to have her tummy rubbed and her chin scratched. Her long, black and white fur is like silk, and pleasant to touch. Her dedication to us and her adventurous spirit makes me smile and chuckle (yet that spirit can get her into trouble when she climbs the fence into the neighbor's yard!).

My sweet, loving, fun pets... helping me find joy and smiles in what can be a tough, uncaring world!

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