Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Tale of Two Dogs (and maybe two people!)

Last weekend my husband, the two dogs and I traveled to Montana. I was conducting two book signings and we also were able to visit some friends and spend time with my parents -- we thoroughly enjoyed our time up there!

Sage, though, had a bit of trouble. Her traveling days, I believe, are nearly finished. She becomes very anxious, panting constantly and not settling down. Even a small tranquilizer doesn't kick in until we're nearly at our destination. I believe the blindness has impacted her ability to travel, possibly upsetting her stomach and/or making her dizzy. She is fine when we arrive, and enjoys being with my parents and meeting people at the bookstores. I'm sad to see this happen as she is such a hit with people and truly enjoys being around them.

Cody, on the other hand, is a great traveler! We put his blanket in the back seat, near Sage's travel kennel, and he looked like a prince on his throne! If he's not in between the seats, hoisting himself up to see what's going on out the window, then he's curled up, sleeping soundly. Cody, too, is great about meeting new people, and was as much a hit at the bookstores as Sage. He's also a hit with my parents, who were once adamant about "no dogs in the house!" Cody and Sage, however, have won their hearts, and both dogs are good for their physical and mental health as well. (Dad even walks one or both of them sometimes!) I love taking the dogs to visit my parents! (except for the 'getting there' part!)

Two different dogs, two different reactions to the same event. Kind of like people. Different personalities, different reactions to situations at times. Our dogs can be a reflection of ourselves. I'm not as good at night driving as I used to be; in fact, I can get downright anxious about it. Didn't do that when I was younger. Kind of like Sage - stressed over aspects of travel now when I didn't used to be. My husband is more like Cody - laid back with a 'take it as it comes' attitude. Amazing how our pets can be mirror images of ourselves. Perhaps subconsciously that's why we bond with certain pets so easily. Now, if only Sage and I could be more like Cody and Greg - we'd all enjoy our little vacations a little more, especially without long drives or travels at night!

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