Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You Know You're a Dyed-in-the-Wool Pet Owner When...

... you want to get back home ASAP because you miss your dog (or cat, or both!)!!

I recently traveled back East to attend a training seminar. I left on an very early Sunday morning and returned home the following Friday night. By Wednesday, I wanted TO BE HOME! I missed my pets and though the people in my training class were very nice and we enjoyed some meals together, I missed my furry friends like crazy! Usually I enjoy traveling, but this particular week, stressed by two major plane changes at two different MAJOR airports, one of which is nortorious for delayed flights and people sleeping in the airport due to missed connections or cancelled flights, just made me long for calm, quiet, and genuine friendship - which I receive at home from my furry, four-footed friends.

And when I did walk through the door at home on Friday evening, I was greeting with welcoming barks, wagging tails, and loving purrs. Now that's dyed-in-the-wool loving friendship! Don't think I'll be traveling so far again any time soon!

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