Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tender Foot

The most recent snowstorm in our area brought about a dog walking nightmare - a big lack of sidewalks shoveled. Cody, our Cocker Spaniel, is a tender-foot, and just the smallest piece of ice between his toes can make him limp. I was even surprised when we walked across a sidewalk that had been shoveled and ice melt put down, that the small particles of ice-melt got between his toes and caused him to limp.

There are many hazards for pets during the winter months, include ice, snow and ice-melt. Therefore, when walking your dog, take a few minutes and clean your dog's feet and toes during the walk as well as after. Walks are important to our dogs, and they need them even when people haven't shoveled their walks (perhaps your routine will be shortened due to the lack of good-neighborliness!) and of course, a short excursion doesn't hurt the dog owner either. However, you want the walk to be enjoyable, not painful, and you want your special furry friend to be safe. Therefore, take some time to take care of your dog's feet during and after the walk. And remember, ice melt can be dangerous to your dog's health if injested, so again, keep your pet's paws clean, and you'll both enjoy your daily outing even more!

Happy Trails!

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Al said...

"Sage" advice! I took Feo, my little Peke-Chihuahua mix out for a walk yesterday and she did fine, but all the unshoveled walks made her slip and fall a couple times (and I came close once or twice).

I've been planning on getting her some boots to wear when it's sub-zero temps outside so she can do her "business" without getting frostbite, but having walked her around a neighborhood of inconsiderate neighbors, I think the boots will come in handy then as well.