Monday, December 21, 2009

Lend a Paw and a Hand!

Hard to believe Christmas is nearly here!

In the past few days, I've witnessed a number of distressing situations, ones which touched my heart deeply. Two involved animals, the other people. There's only a few days left until Christmas, and I hope each of us will do SOMETHING to help pets and people in need.

Today, I stopped by the Salvation Army to donate a few toys I'd purchased. There was a HUGE LINE filled with adults who were there to pick up Christmas baskets and other donated food products, as well as toys for their children. I could not believe the number of people in that line in this relatively small town of Casper, Wyoming! I walked out of that place with tears in my eyes.

Just a few days ago I took a lost dog to the Casper Humane Society. The little guy was frantically running around my block, getting up on people's porches and asking to come into their homes. He did that at my home, too. He was lost and looking for someone to help him, or hoping one of the houses was his. He had on a collar but no tags. After taking him to the Humane Society in hopes his family would find him there, I was driving back to my home and what did my eyes see? Another lost dog! This time, running in a very busy street! I wonder if either dog is home for Christmas?

Those of us who have our pets at home, our children at home, who still have our homes, those of us who have our relatives healthy REALLY need to be thankful and recognize our blessings this Christmas. And though money may be tighter this year for most of us, surely we can go to the Dollar Store and buy a few things, whether that be little toys, games, bath and beauty products, or pet toys and supplies, to donate to the Salvation Army and the Humane Society/rescue groups in order that people and pets in need will know they are cared about by others in the community. $5 at the Dollar Store buys 5 things to share with others - $5 is about the cost of a Starbucks Coffee or a lunch at a fast food place. Can we all give up one of those to help others?

Stop by your local Humane Society or Salvation Army this week and see if your heart doesn't break, too. And, when you see a lost pet, do what you can to help it. Maybe you can't put the ID tag on that pet, but if you know someone who doesn't have an ID tag on their pet, buy one for them this Christmas - your friend and your friend's pet will thank you if one day, Lord forbid, that's the pet running loose and lost and some good Samaritan helps it get back home.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to pets and people everywhere! Let's all do something positive to help our fellow humans and fellow creatures this holiday season!

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